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Charles & Victoria Apron Dining Tops are more than just a functional item

Apron top

Back in 2007, inspired by the birth of my first grandson, I set up my company DRIBBLEBUSTER to provide an attractive and effective alternative to children's bibs. So it was less of a "light bulb moment" and more of an evolution of my thinking when I started to develop the Apron Dining Top.

I tested the Apron Dining Tops on my family, friends and close aquaintances. Many went on to buy their own and have used them every day since to keep their clothes clean during meals. From the Feedback I've received since setting up Charles & Victoria, I've discovered that the simplest idea can make a real difference to people.

Getting old, becoming frail, less able or ill for an extended length of time is a simple fact of life. But I've never understood why anyone has to be treated like a baby at meal times. A quick search on the internet shows that adult bibs are basic and utilitarian, often unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear, and - perhaps most importantly - they look undignified. It's just not right.

I hope I can make a difference for you or your loved ones as well.